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Fun on Alphabet Farm [Windows]


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An Image of the box for Eureka's Fun on Alphabet Farm software
An Image of the box for Eureka's Fun on Alphabet Farm softwareThe letter t in fun facts where users are taught the letter and sound relationship.Screenshot of the chicken bed time game, where users arrange chicks in their correct alphabetical order.Screenshot of the farm game where users pick oranges with an image that corresponds with the letter of the alphabet shown.Screenshot of the letter tracing game where users are needed to trace the letters in alphabetical order.Screenshot of the matching game where users match letter cards to image cards.An example of one of the pages from the printable blackline masters

Information for Fun on Alphabet Farm

This product is electronically distributed.

Developed in conjunction with Australian and New Zealand school curricula guidelines, Fun on Alphabet Farm is a highly interactive learning experience for young minds.

Graded engaging games and fun facts teach and reinforce the alphabet and its sequence.

Development of essential skills in:

  • Letter and sound awareness
  • Sequence of letters
  • Strengthening visual and auditory memory skills
  • Self-learning and concentration
  • Tracing handwriting patterns
  • Understanding multimedia context
  • Thinking and problem solving
  • Listening and following instructions


  • Enriched supportive multi-media environment.
  • Oral and visual instructions.
  • Carefully graded activities.
  • Teacher’s Notes: syllabus outcomes and indicators.
  • Merit awards.
  • Printable Activity Book / Blackline Masters.
  • Windows XP Windows XP
  • Windows 7 Windows 7
  • Windows 8 Windows 8

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