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iSpy abcs [iPod, iPhone and iPad App]


iSpy abcs is an engaging game of ispy using the alphabet
iSpy abcs is an engaging game of ispy using the alphabetShows the main menu of the ispy abcs gameShows the high score screen of the iSpy abcs gameShow the game screen of the iSpy abcs gameShows the iSpy abcs games in progressShows the instructions screen of the iSpy abcs game

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iSPy is an engaging and interactive game based on the timeless classic of: 
"I spy with my little eye something beginning with..." 
Children from ages 2-5yrs match objects to letters to reinforce letter-sound-object relationships. 


A letter is presented and pronounced. 

Children lift the various window screens to reveal the objects underneath 
which are coupled with audio clues. 

The chosen object is then dragged to the letter displayed for matching. 

If correct, 5 points are awarded and the word for that object is displayed. 

If incorrect, zero points are awarded. If three incorrect matches are made, the 
game is over. 

If the score is higher than any of the top three high scores, children can added their names to the Hall of Fame with the help of mum or dad.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.