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Literacy & Numeracy – Fall of the Archons [PC]


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Image of Fall of the Archons
Image of Fall of the Archons7 action packed level in the gameImage of the Question consoleImage from the Fall of the Achons gameThousands of syllabus style questionsImage from the watertank levelImage from the moonbase levelImage from the banking level

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This product is electronically distributed.


Literacy & Numeracy – Rise of the Archons is an action packed 3D action game with 1000s of syllabus style questions and general knowledge type questions woven into 7 awesome levels.

There's a war on for your mind and your soul and it’s time to rise up and take back control of your destiny.

A race of beings called The Archons are controlling mankind through their minions by the banking system, geoengineering our planet via an aerial spraying program, medicating our water supply, GMO food production, vaccine programs, censoring the internet and a breakaway space program located within a secret moon base. It’s time to stand up and put a stop to them!


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