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Maths Home Tutor - Trigonometry [iPad Only]


Maths Home Tutor - Trigonometry
Maths Home Tutor - TrigonometryMaths Home Tutor - Trigonometry Tutorial selection screenTutorial screen for Identifying and Naming the Sides of a Right-Angled Trianglequestions from Complementary Angles in Trigonometry

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Maths Home Tutor Trigonometry - Available on the App Store

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Maths Home Tutor - Trigonometry is an interactive maths tutor and the perfect resource for high school students wishing to improve their mathematics.
Topics are presented by an interactive and animated 'Talking Tutor' with pause, forward and rewind functions enabling students to work at their own pace and to take control of their learning.
Topic examples are explained in a clear and concise manner, each illustrated with detailed step-by-step explanations.
Alternate methods and strategies with crucial 'building-block' review sections are also included where appropriate for key topic areas.
After the completion of each lesson, students can test and reinforce their knowledge by completing practice questions.
Each lesson is treated in a detailed, easy-to-understand fashion enabling students to review each topic section.
Clear and detailed diagrams (including side notes) are used to fully explain the rules and principles of introduced mathematical concepts.
Topics covered:

- Identifying and naming the sides of a Right-Angled triangle
- Ratios of sides in similar Right-Angled triangles
- Trigonometric ratios
- The calculator in trigonometry
- Finding angles in a right-angled triangle
- Finding the length of a side of a right-angled triangle
- Complementary angles in trigonometry
- The Tangent Ratio
- The Tangent Ratio and the gradient of a line
- Angles of elevation and depression
- Directions and Bearings

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