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Pet Rescue [PC]


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Pet Rescue
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Information for Pet Rescue

This product is electronically distributed.

Buster the pet dog has gone missing and we need your help to find him. He was last seen sleeping near a magic mushroom and has since vanished.

You'll need to collect enough gems to activate the main mushroom and be transported from world to world earning and trading gems for Buster and his eleven other missing friends.Look for gems in colourful 3D worlds such as Island Village, Farm World and River World. Gems can also be earned by correctly answering literacy and numeracy type questions asked by the townsfolk.

Developed in conjunction with the Australian and New Zealand school curricula guidelines, Pet Rescue offers three levels of difficulty across seven topics, and is suitable for ages 714. Spelling lists can be created and assigned by parents and teachers or automatically generated by the program. An option is also available to create spelling lists containing any problem words encountered for future revision.

Topics covered:

NAPLAN-style maths questions

Basic Grammar and Punctuation

• Addition

Easy - single digits: 1 to 6
Medium - single and double digits: 7 to 12
Hard - single and double digits: 8 to 19


• Subtraction

Easy - single digits: 1 to 6

Medium - single and double digits: 7 to 12

Hard - single and double digits: up to 19


• Multiplication

Easy: 1 to 6 times tables

Medium: 7 to 12 times tables

Hard: up to 19


• Division

Easy: 1 to 6

Medium: 1 to 12

Hard: up to 20


• Spelling

Easy: 2 and 3 letter words

Medium: 4 and 5 letter words

Hard: 6 or more letter words.

  • Windows XP Windows XP
  • Windows 7 Windows 7
  • Windows 8 Windows 8

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