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This product is electronically distributed.

Learning to read and spell English can frustrate even the brightest kids!

Eureka's Phonics Home Tutor is designed to engage learners at any level. Audio visual teaching is enhanced by regular questions prompting student interaction and a variety of games to reinforce the letter-sound relationships taught in each lesson in a fun and engaging way.

Complex spelling rules and never-ending exceptions can confuse even educated adults. Spoken English has over 40 identifiable basic sounds and each of these sounds has one or more ways that it can be spelt.

Learning these sounds and their corresponding letter relationships helps to provide the fundamental building blocks needed to become a competent reader and speller.

Understanding these concepts helps build a 'bridge' between spoken and written English. This is the process of learning phonics - a vital part of any English reading program.



Eureka's Phonics Home Tutor uses the Synthetic Phonics teaching approach due to its overwhelming success in long-term classroom case studies.

Synthetic Phonics teaches letter-sound relationships and the blending of sounds in words to provide a system that empowers children (and older learners) to 'decode' familiar, unfamiliar and difficult words.

Eureka's Phonics Home Tutor is the ideal tool to support readers and spellers with home or school learning.

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