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Retro Series - Dinosaurs [PC]


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Image of Retro Games  - Dinosaurs
Image of Retro Games  - DinosaursImage of the Jigsaw GameImage of the Memory GameImage of the Matching GameImage of the Picture GameImage of the Who am I gameImage of the Concentration GameImage of the Fun FactsImage of the Main MenuImage of the Read along with me

Information for Retro Dinosaurs

This product is electronically distributed.

Enter the prehistoric world and discover what dinosaurs ate, where they lived, and how big they really were.

The Retro Series helps children ages 3 - 8+ learn through fun-filled, interactive games, fun facts, pictures and puzzles.


  • Enhances children’s logic
  • Promotes listening skills
  • Improves object matching skills
  • Identifies differences
  • Increases memory recall
  • Builds vocabulary skills
  • Stimulates creativity

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