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Technical Support

Question Graphic I cannot add items to my shopping cart.

We use cookies to help us remember and process the items in your shopping cart, understand and save your preferences for future visits and keep track of advertisements. Please enable the use of cookies in your broswer settings, otherwise the shopping cart will not work for you.

Question Graphic How do I download my purchased software?

1. Go to

2. Click on "My Account"

3. Click on "Sign in". Enter your username and password.

4. You should now be signed in to your Eureka Multimedia Account.

5. Click "My Account"

6. Click on "Downloads"

7. You will see a list of your purchased downloads, click on the filename to begin downloading.

Question Graphic I get a "Xtra not found" when I run the High School Maths program on my Mac.

The error is relating to the User account the program is running from having "Standard" (limited access) privileges. To fix this problem you will need to give the User account an "Administrator" privileges.


I get an "application error" when I run the program.

The error message suggests that there is a conflict between various version of these two files:


Please delete these files from the "C:\Windows" or "C:\Windows\system32" folder. These files are installed as part of our software, so removing them should not affect the computer.

Installation does not start automatically

If the installation does not start automatically, you will need to run the setup manually.

1. From the desktop , click on 'My Computer' (or 'Computer' in Windows Vista).
2. If the icon for the CD/DVD ROM has changed from the "Default Icon" then double click on the icon to start the installation.

If the installation does not start, try disabling any background programs or software on your computer for the duration of the installation. Sometimes these programs can stop the set up from running. As a precaution, If you are disabling a Anti-virus program, I would recommend you disconnect any connections to the internet prior to doing this.

Could you also try clearing our your windows temp folder.

To clear the Windows Temp Folder.

1. From the Windows Desktop, double click My Computer.
2. Double click the icon for your C: drive.
3. Double click the Windows folder. You may need to click "Show files" in order to display files in this folder.
4. Double click on the Temp folder.
5. Note: If you have saved any of your personal files to the C:\Windows\Temp folder, before proceeding copy them to a different location.
6. Click Edit, Select All.
7. Click File, Delete. A dialog box will pop up. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
8. You may be prompted "Are you sure you want delete these files?" Select "Yes To All".
9. Restart your computer

If the system does not detect the CD in the drive, you may need to return it to the store of purchase or try it on another system.

How do I run a program in compatibility mode?

To run a program in compatibility mode:

1. Right click on the program icon. A popup menu should appear.
2. Select 'Properties'
3. Click on the 'Compatibility' tab
4. Check that box that reads 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' and use the dropdown box to select the appropriate windows version.
5. Click on 'Apply'
6. Click on 'OK'

How do I run a program as an administrator (Windows Vista)

To run a program as an administrator:

1. Right click on the program icon. A popup menu should appear.
2. Select 'Run as an administrator'.

If you wish make the program run as an administrator every time.

1. Right click on the program icon. A popup menu should appear.
2. Select 'Run as an administrator'.
3. Click on the 'Compatibility' tab.
4. Check that box that reads 'Run as an administrator'.
5. Click on 'Apply'.
6. Click on 'OK'.

Why do some games not start or run?

There are two reasons why the games will not start

1. Make sure your video card drivers are up to date. Outdated video card drivers can sometimes cause problems with software. To update your video card drivers, download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website or by doing a search on the Internet. Once downloaded, follow the manufacturer's instructions to update the video card.

If you do not know what video card you have go to Start -> Run, type in 'dxdiag' and click ok. This will bring up the directX diagnostic tool. Click on the display tab to view information about your video card. You will be able to find the model and manufacturer details from this section.

2. Make sure your windows files are up to date. You can update the Windows files via Windows Update.

For windows 98 or ME: Click on Start -> Windows Update.
For Windows XP: Click on Start -> All programs -> Windows Update.